FAQs & Shop Policies


ORDER PROCESSING TIME IS 2-7 BUSINESS DAYS. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TIME IN TRANSIT FOR SHIPPING. If you order expedited shipping, this will not speed up the order processing window but it will speed up the transit time to you.



For a small fee, you can protect your package against damages, loss or theft. Choosing to opt out of this add on will mean that I am no longer liable for any of the aforementioned situations. 

Please note that as of 6/13/2023, you CANNOT opt out of protection for orders over $150 USD. This is to ensure that should any loss, damage or theft occur, you will be covered. Shipping insurance via UPS and USPS only includes up to $100 of damages and Honey Hearted can not eat the cost of their errors. If you opt out, you will be contact via email to be reminded of this and be given an opportunity to add back the insurance with an invoice. Should you not respond within 3 business days, your order will ship but Honey Hearted will not be responsible for ANY stolen, lost or damaged packages.


My package was not delivered. What do I do?

I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages or delayed deliveries once the packages have reached USPS and left my shop. 

If your package is marked as "delivered" but was not, please first contact your local USPS regarding its whereabouts. I am not able to inquire with the USPS about the location of your package as soon as it is scanned into the USPS network.

Some of the situations that are very common are:

1. Your package was delivered to a neighbor instead of you - please check in with your neighbors.

2. It was scanned as delivered but wasn't delivered just yet - you may need to wait 48 hours before it actually arrives. 

3. It was placed on your porch or a different area than your mailbox. You will need to look around your home or where mail is delivered as it may be in one of those places.

4. It was delayed in shipment but not marked as delayed.

Options to avoid issues with mail delivery include selecting insured shipping at check out and ensuring you have a safe delivery location for your packages. 

I cannot replace packages that are marked as delivered and you cannot locate them as I do not deliver these packages and am unaware of where they are left at delivery - you can arrange with your mail person to only accept packages with a signature instead of having them left.

If none of the above steps yield your package, please file a Missing Mail Claim with USPS. If they can confirm that your package has been lost in transit or stolen, please email me a copy of their confirmation so that we can figure out a return or exchange situation. Please note that as of 2/12, if you opt out of shipping protection, I am unable to cover any costs regarding lost, stolen or damaged packages.

Please also always double check your address is correct at the time of ordering - I cannot resend out a package to you without you having to pay for shipping again if your address is incorrect!


My package is delayed or will not arrive by when I thought it would and I am not sure what to do!

Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, there are no guarantees that can be given at any point in that a package will arrive on time, even with expedited shipping. While I am happy to ship your package expedited, please know that choosing that shipping option is at your own risk as even UPS 2-Day and next day (the option I use for expedited shipping options unless otherwise selected) experience delays that are out of my control, especially when there is inclement weather, holidays of any kind or other complications due to the ongoing pandemic. 

I cannot refund any shipping that does not show up as quickly expected as this is not within my control. Please give yourself enough time to receive packages, especially around peak times such as Christmas. Additionally, I do not accept any returns because a package did not arrive when you expected it. 

I recommend printing out a photo of the item and wrapping it so your person has something to open while awaiting the arrival of the physical item! People are usually very understanding of this situation and I am sure they will appreciate that you thought of them and shopped small ❤︎


My order arrived damaged but I did opt to purchase shipping protection. What's the next step?

Please email me photos of the damaged product and the box it came in along with a description of the problem to hello@shophoneyhearted.com within two weeks of delivery date. Photos of the damage, along with photos of the state of the packaging the order came in are required for any corrective action to move forward. Please do NOT throw away the box if your package arrives damaged. I cannot process any claims without evidence of the packaging condition per shipment couriers. Please do not throw out any pieces, including the packaging, while corrective action is being placed. Doing so may void your ability to receive your money back or a replacement.

I will either generate a return label for the item to be shipped back to me to be repaired or in some cases, I will instead send a replacement out. You will not be responsible for shipping costs in these scenarios if you contact me within two weeks of delivery, but outside of that window I can no longer cover shipping costs. 

Of note, the item must not sustain further damage in transit or I will not be able to repair it. Shipped back items need to be in a similar packaging situation as how it arrived, i.e. if it arrived in a box, it must be shipped back in a box, not a padded envelope. 


My package arrived with damages but I opted out of the shipping protection. What can be done?

If the damage is repairable, I can invoice you for the cost of shipping to return the package to me so I can repair it and the cost of shipping back to you for a second time. Alternatively, some damages (such as a loose jump ring) are a quick and easy fix that doesn't require return shipping to me.

Please note that not all damages are repairable and in the event that the damage incurred is not, I cannot replace or refund the item free of cost without shipping protection.



My package was returned to you because I put the wrong address in. What do I do?

Please reach out to me with your order number and the correct address via email. I am NOT responsible for the cost of shipping the package a second time because of an incorrectly entered address - please double check your addresses after making a purchase! I can update an address before it is shipped easily but once a package is shipped, there is nothing I can do other than send it back out.


What is the difference between Preorder and Made to Order?

Preorder items stay up for a set period of time (usually a week) and then are closed so that they can be made and sent out. Made to order items stay open indefinitely (for much longer periods of time) and are made as the item is ordered. In both cases, it will be in the listing title whether an item is preorder or made to order and will be announced via Instagram when the listing will become unavailable. 


I placed two separate orders! Can you combine them?

I can combine orders placed within 24 hours of one another and will refund any applicable shipping overages. I usually do catch and combine multiple orders, but if you are always welcome to email me at hello@shophoneyhearted.com with your order numbers to make sure.


Do you wholesale?

My enamel charms and pins are available for wholesale as well as a number of other pieces! Please email me at hello@shophoneyhearted.com to receive a catalogue of available styles.


I DMed you on Instagram and still haven't gotten a response!

I do not respond to DMs as stated in my bio. If you have any questions, concerns or business inquiries, email is the ONLY form of contact where you are sure to receive a response. *The only exception is that I do not respond to solicitations of any kind via email or otherwise.

Please allow up to 72 business hours for a response to your email!


What are your earrings made out of? Are they heavy?

I primarily use two different materials: polymer clay and acrylic. Both are deceptively lightweight, but I do note clearly in listings when they are expected to be heavier. Larger pieces will weigh more than smaller pieces and the addition of brass findings, chains or other factors can also impact the weight. Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding weight or size.


Can I change my hardware color from gold to silver or vice versa?

Due to the volume of orders I receive, I am unable to change hardware colors at any point, regardless of huggie hoop upgrade.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I do not accept returns or exchanges to maintain lower pricing and uphold sanitary standards. However, if there is a problem with your order, please notify me as soon as possible at hello@shophoneyhearted.com so we can find a solution. 


I was wearing my jewelry and some damage occurred. What do I do?

Same as above, please email me photos and a description of the problem to hello@shophoneyhearted.com. I will assess the damage and if it falls within normal wear and tear* within 3 months of receiving the jewelry, I will gladly send a shipping label for repair and cover the cost of said label.

*Please note that normal wear and tear does not include an earring sustaining damage from being thrown in a purse, not stored with care, or washed in the washing machine, as some examples. Please treat all jewelry with care because though the materials and designs are intended to be sturdy, they are not intended for rough usage. Please see more detailed care instructions at this link.

If the damage occurs after the 3 month period, I am unable to cover shipping costs back to me for repair and then back to you after repair - these will be your responsibility, but there is no additional charge for jewelry repair. Please note that in some cases, jewelry cannot be repaired or replaced.


Can I pre-order an item that will be coming in stock?

In order to keep the shop update process as fair as possible, I do not allow any pre-orders to be taken ahead of the shop update. Should I be opening pre-order slots, they will become available at the time of the shop update. I cannot reserve any pre-orders via email, etc. - the only way to purchase a pre-order slot is via the website. Please note that pre-order slots are limited and sometimes fill up within hours of the website update.

For best results to obtain the item(s) you want, I recommend being on the website at the time when it becomes available (also called a "drop"). I also have regular restocks for items that sell through quickly, so you will have multiple chances!


Can I buy a single earring instead of a pair?

Shoot me an email at hello@shophoneyhearted.com and I will check stock levels and see if it is possible! I can accommodate this request a lot of the time. The single earring will cost half of what the pair costs.

This is also an option if you wish to make a single earring into a necklace - as above, please shoot me an email so I can arrange it for you.


Can you convert an earring into a keychain?

I only make keychains out of designs/materials that I feel confident can withstand the normal wear and tear of a keychain. Because keychains are generally treated more roughly than earrings, I do not convert earrings into keychains.

I do not recommend that you buy earrings to convert into keychains, either. Please keep in mind that I cannot refund or replace any pieces that break when being used as a keychain and I do not recommend it or encourage it. If you choose to convert an earring into a keychain, you do so at your own risk and it voids the option to have it repaired.


How long until my order ships?

My order fulfillment time is 2-7 business days (M-F) and the time it takes to find its way to you depends on how far away from me you are located. Tracking information will be emailed to you at the time when I package the order.

I also have expedited shipping options available when checking out (though these cost more than the standard). Please note that expedited shipping does not mean that my processing time decreases, just that the shipping portion should be faster.

Standard shipping is free in the US when over $125 USD is spent.


Do you do commissions or customs?

Due to the volume of orders I receive, I do not accept commissions or customs, including pieces I have made before being ordered when not part of a restock.


Can I have huggie hoops instead of a hook or stud attachment?

This is almost always a possible conversion to make! Please buy the separate listing for the jewelry upgrade with your order so that this change can be made. Due to the labor and cost of hardware, I am unable to offer this change for free but the upgrade is low cost. I am unable to make this upgrade without the listing also being purchased. 

CLICK HERE for the separate add on listing to make this change. 


Do you make clip ons?

Most earrings can be converted to a clip on! If this is not possible or in the best interest for the wearer, it will be noted in the listing. If you desire for this change to be made, please either leave me a note at checkout or email your request with your order number to hello@shophoneyhearted.com


Do you make plugs/earrings for stretched ears?

I have stretched ears and wear small gauge earrings all the time! While I do not make plugs, earrings can be made dangly and worn under or through a plug or as a weight with stretched ears. There are also converters, such as these ones, where you can convert most earrings into plugs. All you need is the converters and a pair of pliers and you're good to go!


Where do you source your bugs?

Lots of different places - primarily, friends and family send me dead bugs they find and I keep ones I find. I do not kill or harm any insects or living things for art. Aside from being cruel, it is not necessary. 


Can you restock a design?

I am able to restock most designs with the exception of one of a kind designs or limited edition. Please feel free to ask about specifics via email! The popsicle designs are now retired and none are planned to restock. What is on the site is all that remains.