Popsicle Info

Popsicles come in five different sizes: small, smedium (a size between the medium and small sizes, medium, large and XL. These are pictured from left to right above.

Smalls are offered as either a stud or dangly form (denoted in the drop down listing when selecting earring). I can often convert a stud into a dangly form upon request.

Smediums are a size that falls between small and medium. They come as dangly with a hook but are a little smaller than the medium sizes. These were honestly an accident but I am leaning into them since there was a decent size gap between the small and medium sizes anyway.

Mediums and larges come with a dangly hook. They are closest in size to one another and can be mixed and matched with one another and still look nice together. Not every character has every size available but all have at least one or the other available.

XLs are the only size to automatically come with a huggie hoop. They are not terribly heavy as polymer clay is a lightweight material, but if you have sensitive ears, they may not be comfortable for you and any of the smaller sizes are likely to be a better choice. 

ALL POPSICLES ARE SOLD AS SINGLE EARRINGS. This is very clearly denoted in every listing and this offers the opportunity to mix and match or buy a single to convert into a necklace (to do this, please email me with your order number. It is not an extra charge.) If you wish to have a matching pair, increase the quantity to 2.